Rental car and campervan relocation

Many tourists with lots of money just roll into town, rent a campervan, drive it off into the wide blue yonder then deliver it back to the closest rental car office and fly home.

These vehicles need to be returned to their original location. That’s where us budget travelers come in.

You can get free, or nearly free, use of these vehicles by delivering them back to their original home. If rental car companies can’t find drivers they have to put the car or campervan on a delivery truck or pay a driver to move it.

Often you get use of the vehicle for free and just have to pay for petrol. Other companies charge as little as a dollar a day. Some companies will even pay for petrol and allow you to use the car for free. If you’re delivering a car up from Hobart, often the rental company pays for the ferry for you and the car.

Like a regular car rental, hirers will need to provide a credit card imprint and can pay for extra insurance, if they wish.

All the relocation companies listed below offer different deals. You need to put in a little study to get an idea of how it all works. Another solution is to sign up for all their email newsletters. In their newsletters they list all the latest deals.

Here’s a list of companies that offer both rental cars, campervans and motor homes for relocation 

By studying the deals available you’ll notice the general movement of the vehicles. For example if you want a relocation between Tasmania and Sydney, you’ll notice that most deals are from Hobart to Melbourne or Hobart to Sydney or Hobart to Brisbane. The same with New Zealand, tourists fly into Auckland, hire a camper and drive to Christchurch, then fly back to Auckland and home.  So, expect to deliver from Christchurch or Wellington to Auckland.  If you’re visiting Tassie, expect to fly to Hobart and pick up a camper to bring back to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

Some relocation deals give you a good number of days to do the delivery. Others offer anything from overnight or one day Melbourne to Sydney for example. That’s OK if you’re in a rush, but no fun if you want to stop along the way. If you want extra days you can pay extra. There’s always a distance limit in the deal.

You’ve probably got a lot of questions. But, the best thing to do is call or email the relocation company as each company has different rules and conditions.