Seniors Card Travel: Sydney to Eden for $5

This seniors trip starts from Central to Bomaderry Rail, using the regular Opal service ($2.50) to Kiama with a change at Kiama for a diesel train to take you down to Bomaderry Rail. At Bomaderry Rail there will be a Premier Motor Service coach waiting at the station to take to you as far as Eden on the South Coast. The connections work 7 days a week.

Sydney to Bomaderry Rail

The Opal rail service to Bomaderry Rail starts at Bondi Junction, departing there to Kiama at 09.13, Monday to Sunday. The service stops all stations to Redfern before it starts on its express run through the suburbs and on to the South Coast (Illawarra). Departure from Central is at 09.27.

After a scenic run down the Illawarra, the train will then arrive at Kiama at 11.39. Here you’ll change for a two-car diesel train, for Bomaderry. Yes, there’s a cafe near the station, but be quick as the Bomaderry train departs on time at 12.00. You’ll only have 20 minutes between arrival and departure.

Another scenic run will bring the train into Bomaderry Rail at 12.27. Here’s the full timetable for the South Coast line

Bomaderry Rail to Eden

Don’t forget to tap off with your Opal card when you get to Bomaderry. Here you’ll meet the Premier Motor Service Coach to take you to Eden. The coach departs Bomaderry Rail at 12.50. The timetable for the full Sydney to Eden service.

You’ll need to call Premier Motor Services to make a booking. Call 13 34 10. Their website is at Premier Motor Services.

To get the Seniors card $2.50 special, you’ll need to call Premier Motor Services. Have your Seniors card and a credit card ready or pay cash with the driver. But you’ll need to call them as you can’t get the $2.50 fare using their bookings page on their website. May I also suggest you pay when you make your booking over the phone. The poor driver on this service can often be pushed to his limits when the bus is busy, especially with baggage. So you’ll really be doing him a favour if you’ve paid for your ticket beforehand.

There’s a cafe and cake shop across the road from the station at Bomaderry Rail.

Arrival at Eden is at 19.00. There is a major rest stop for food and drink near the waterfront at Batemans Bay. And yes, there’s a toilet on the bus.

Enjoy the trip.

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  1. I agree, I always have a backup myself and carry a copy of all the train and bus timetables on my phone.

    A few years ago I was travelling from Dubbo to Blackheath. The XPT was running late. I was hoping to change at Lithgow for a connection to Blackheath. But the XPT was running so late I’d miss my connection and have a two or more hour wait at Lithgow – in the middle of winter! I deceided to ask the conductor if I could stay on the XPT and change at Katoomba, as, since it was the evening peak there were more trains heading out of Katoomba for Blackheath. I was just about to leave my seat and find the conductor to discuss my plan when he came and tapped me on the shoulder. He then suggested I stay on the XPT through to Katoomba and change there. WOW! That’s someone who really did know his job – an expert in customer service. I really was impressed and couldn’t thank him enough.

    It’s important to, as you say, have a backup plan. Also, discuss you’re situation with the conductor of the train if you are about to miss a connection, as safe working and customer service are their priorities.

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