Sculpture by the Sea 2018: Getting there and back using train, buses and ferry

The coastal walk from Bondi Beach south along the coast to Tamarama, not only is a popular fun scenic walk by itself but add a sculpture exhibition along the way and you have yourself a Sydney “must do” not just once, but every year. As each year it gets better. I’ve done it since it started and wouldn’t miss it each year, it’s such a fantastic event. Add lunch in a Bondi Beach restaurant at the end of the walk, then a bus/ferry ride back to the city and you’ve got yourself a perfect day away from the office – if you live in an office, that is.

Unless you’re driving, the normal way to the event is to catch the train to Bondi Junction and then change for a bus to Bondi Beach. Back in 2017, everyone had the same idea to get to Bondi Beach causing a massive queue waiting for the bus at Bondi Junction. Fortunately, in 2018 extra buses were rostered throughout the event, which solved the problem.

This year (2018) we also caught the train to Bondi Junction and changed there for bus number 381 to Tamarama. Here’s the timetable for the Bondi Junction to Tamarama bus service.

We picked midweek, a Wednesday for our visit. Overnight a fresh southerly had blown up. The morning was grey and Sydneys temperature for the day was forecast to be a little cooler than Hobarts. Plus a 90% chance of rain. Ah, we’ll be the only ones there, we thought. We’ll have the whole walk to ourselves, so we thought…

On arrival at Bondi Junction we boarded the 10am bus to Tamarama. It was full. Everyone (including us) got off at Tamarama Beach about 20 steps from the first exhibit. We weren’t the only ones there!  School kids made a big impact on the numbers. Enjoy the video below. It’s a quick look at the walk starting from Tamarama through to Bondi Beach and finishes up with lunch at the Bondi Trattoria. Lunch included a nice bottle of wine provided by Citibank. All you need is an EPTPOS debt or credit account with Citibank and use it to pay your bill and the wine is FREE! There are numerous restaurants all over Australia that are a part of the Citibank Dining program.

After leaving the “Tratt” we put our trusty Citibank Visa card away and pulled out the trusty Opal card and caught bus number 380 to Watsons Bay. The bus stop is just a few minutes walk down from the restaurant on Campbell Parade. The video below shows the bus stop and the trip through to Watsons Bay and ferry to Circular Quay

Here’s the Bondi Beach to Watsons Bay bus timetable.  But don’t be too concerned as the buses run regularly weekends and weekdays. On arrival at Watsons Bay we caught the ferry back to Circular Quay. Here’s the timetable from Watson Bay to Circular Quay ferry service (Opal).


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