Seniors Card Travel: Broken Hill to Sydney for $7.50

This trip is the return of the Monday service from Sydney to Broken Hill. The train stays in Broken Hill for the night and then heads back to Sydney the next morning (every Tuesday).

The trip from Broken Hill to Sydney for $7.50 is broken down into three section train/bus/train. The trip can be done Monday to Friday.

Before your depart call NSW TrainLink on 13 22 32 and book an economy seat on the following Tuesday departure of the 07:45 service from Broken Hill to Bathurst. With your Seniors card the fare will cost you $2.50. While still on the phone, book a seat on the NSW TrainLink Coach Service (service # 568)  from Bathurst at 18:15  to Lithgow.

Broken Hill to Bathurst

The train you’ve booked on leaves Broken Hill at 07:45, Tuesdays and arrives at Bathurst at 18.02. That’s a little over ten hours on the train. Don’t worry there’s plenty to eat and drink from the buffet car and lots of toilets. 🙂  Here’s the Broken Hill to Sydney timetable

Bathurst to Lithgow

Once you arrive into Bathurst (M-F) you’ve got 60 minutes before the coach departs for Lithgow at 18:15 from the Bathurst Railway Station. If you’re traveling on a Sunday the coach departs from the Bathurst Railway Station at  17:50.  Here’s the full timetable for Western NSW  The coach service is shown on page 22, so just scroll down the PDF (service # 568).

Lithgow to Central

Once you arrive at Lithgow 19:15 you’re back in Opal territory, so get out your trusty Opal Gold Card and tap on at Lithgow Station. The next Opal service to Central departs Lithgow at 19:30 and arrives Central at 22:21. Here’s a link to the Blue Mountains Line (Lithgow to Central) timetable.

It’s a long trip, a little over 18 hours, but it’s a memorial adventure. Enjoy.

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