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Seniors Card Travel: Canberra to Sydney for $5

This travel hack involves leaving Canberra by train, changing for a bus at Bundanoon to Moss Vale. Then take a diesel train to Campbelltown and finally changing at Campbelltown for a train to the city. Sounds like fun? The trip takes an extra hour compared with staying on the Canberra to Sydney train and traveling through to Sydney.

Before you leave Canberra call NSW TrainLink on 13 22 32 and book your seat on the 12:00 from Canberra to Bundanoon. Quoting your Seniors card number to the agent the fare should be $2.50. You can pay by credit or debt card. Or if you only deal in cash you can pay on the train in the buffet car. You’ll be given a reservation number and you can have your ticket emailed to you. Here’s the Canberra to Sydney timetable

Canberra to Bundanoon

The train departs Canberra at 12:00 and arrives at Bundanoon at 14:05. Alight here and find the bus stop near the station.

Bundanoon to Moss Vale

The bus to Moss Vale departs at 14:24, so don’t go wandering around town. You’re in Opal country now, so just tap on when you board the bus. You’ll arrive at Moss Vale at 14.44. The bus terminates here at the station. Here’s the full timetable for Opal services Goulburn to Sydney

Moss Vale to Campbelltown

The train departs Moss Vale at 15:06 and arrives into Campbelltown at 16:26.

Campbelltown to the City.

The train to the city leaves Campbelltown at 16:32 and arrives Central at 17:31

Have fun!

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