Tasmania’s Historic Train Services

Tasmania’s rich history includes a network of historical railways that once connected towns, villages, and industrial centers across the island. While regular passenger services are no longer available, several heritage railways offer scenic journeys through Tasmania’s wilderness and historic sites. Here are some popular options:

West Coast Wilderness Railway: This renowned railway operates between Queenstown and Strahan, traversing 35 kilometers of stunning river and mountain scenery. Climb aboard a vintage steam or heritage diesel locomotive and travel through historic sites, experiencing a bygone era of Tasmanian travel. Website: http://www.wcwr.com.au/

The West Coast Wilderness Railway. Image by Christopher Neugebauer

Tasmanian Tramway Museum: Located in Launceston, this museum offers a glimpse into Tasmania’s tram history. Take a short tram ride through the city center on a restored 1940s tram, accompanied by sounds and sights from the past. The museum also houses a collection of restored trams, locomotives, and other transportation artifacts. Website: Launceston Tramway Museum

Postcard Launceston railcar 16 on the entrance square Gunpowder Mill. Creator: Tasmanian Postcards. Credit: Henrik Boye

Don River Railway: Located along Tasmania’s northwest coast, this heritage railway features steam train trips along the picturesque Don River. Explore the surrounding bushlands and limestone quarries while enjoying the tranquility of the Tasmanian countryside. The railway also boasts a museum showcasing restored locomotives for train buffs. Website: http://donriverrailway.com.au/

The Don River Railway. Image by Steven Penton

Tasman Limited: Though no longer operational, the Tasman Limited holds historical significance. This train service once ran between Hobart and Launceston, offering passenger transportation until 1978. Today, the train carriages are preserved at the Tasmanian Transport Museum in Hobart. Tasmanian Transport Museum. Website: https://tasmaniantransportmuseum.com.au/

The Tasman Limited in Hobart. Image by Leonard J Matthews
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